Distributive Negotiation
Distributive negotiation is the process in which one big asset or amount is to be divided between many parties after carrying out the negotiation process.
Bargaining Negotiation
Bargaining Negotiation is the process of increasing or decreasing the price or shares highlighting some reasonable facts to either party.
It is the process of paying the party a certain amount that is agreed to prevent them from proceeding further in aspects related to this.
Clarification & Justification
The clarification and the justification refer to the points that are placed or highlighted as the reason for the demands that are raised.

Take to Receive Settlement Money. How Long Does It?

To come to a final conclusion that involves money in a settlement will definitely take a minimum of six months. But in our firm, we will make sure that our client receives the expected money within a month.

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Problem Analysis80%
Active Listening72%
Problem Solving92%

Tips For Negotiating In 2019

  • Be strong in your stands. It does matter whether you are right or wrong.
  • Make a note of the points that the opposite party is making which will help you to prepare points against them.

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Complete Settlements & Injury Claims

Most of the clients that step into our office have always gone out with a complete settlement.

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Personal Injury

Types of compensation in personal injury cases

In cases of personal injury sustained, loss of property and more, the general tactic is to seek settlement or compensation claims from who or what caused the damage. Generally, there are two types of compensation charges available, namely, compensative and punitive. Compensatory claims involve reimbursing or compensating the injured party of the injury or loss sustained. Such type settlement is applicable in the majority of injury cases such as medical inadequacies, vehicle accident, and slip and fall cases. Punitive charges, on the other hand, are not usual and awarded by the law only with an intention to punish the wrongdoer based on the severity of the injury he caused.

Special compensatory damages

Special compensatory damage claims provide compensation for the injury sustained party. Such settlements claims are unique and vary depending from one party to another. The main intention of such compensatory claim is to reimburse the injured party for the expense he lost or will require. Moreover, there is no particular limit to the amount the injured party can claim. Examples of such claims are medical expenses, loss of earning capability, household expenses, loss of income and more.


General compensatory damages

General compensatory damages are distinct as the intention of such settlement claim is compensate for the non-monetary injury or damage sustained by the party. Few examples of general damages are the pain, anguish, mental trauma sustained and loss of companionship.

Wrongful death damages

The wrongful death claim is a type of settlement which covers loss and damage to the surviving members of the party. Such claim will cover funeral expenses, pre-death medical expenses, loss of financial revenue to family, trauma caused to family and loss of companionship.



Punitive damages

Punitive damages are the type of settlement claims awarded to the guilty based on the severity of the act and its nature. In cases of fraud, sexual assault, and aggravated assault, wrongdoers are often awarded punitive charges.

Collecting damages

Bear in mind that after a settlement has been approved and enforced by the court of law to award loss of damage claim to the injured party from the wrongdoer, collecting the damage amount is different than the issue of settlement. Often times, if the convicted party is unwilling to pay in full or on time, seek the services of an attorney who can tag the convicted party in enough litigation to pay in full. Moreover, the longer it takes, the more interest accrues. If the wrongdoer possesses liability insurance, it is often the insurance that pays the claim directly to the injured party.

Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer’s Tips For Settlement Negotiations

Whatever may be the cause of the divorce, whether being a mutual separation or a contentious divorce, it is imperative to follow some tips when negotiating for the settlement claims. Divorce attorneys are employed on each side of the party to express your side of the separation and negotiate with countering attorney on settlement payments such as alimony, custody and other support payments. When dealing with divorce, it is likely to take a stroll on your mental and emotional wellbeing. However, bear in mind specific tips as recommended by experienced divorce attorneys in Pennsylvania.

Remember to conduct yourself accordingly

Divorce lawyers always explain to their pending divorce negotiations clients to approach the courtroom and attorney’s office with an open mind. Having an open mind is detrimental for negotiations to favor in reasonable decisions benefitting you. Bear in mind if you get overwhelmed by your emotions or are too upset, it will significantly affect the negotiations and lead to undesirable outcomes. Moreover, if not sure about yourself, it could lengthen the divorce proceedings which are unfavorable considering lengthening of costs and poor results. Thus, it is crucial you view such negotiations in an orderly business fashion and be willing to compromise and sacrifice for avoiding extension.

Place your martial differences aside

Succumbing to your emotions is quite normal and expected during divorce settlements. However, it is recommended to place such emotions and differences aside, especially when children are involved. You should never use the child as leverage for your benefit and instead move the case for the benefit of your child by placing their interests first. When dealing with young children, it is crucial to keep them away from arguments, conflicts, and emotions and instead minimize the harmful exposure of divorce, such as a change in family roles, living habits, and responsibilities.


You can help them ease with the dealing of the separation by being an active, respectful and positive parent when co-existing with your spouse. Remember that any negative impact can cause deep scarring in such tender minds and lead to behavioral issues.

Maintain patience during the divorce process

Divorce proceedings cannot be settled overnight in the state of Pennsylvania. Instead, it will take days, weeks and even months to reach a common ground, thus placing crucial importance on the virtue of patience. Rushing to end things between your spouse can lead to faulty decisions and unfavorable outcome; often times can extend the case as well. Moreover, taking the time to work things out for the benefit of both parties is recommended for a favorable outcome and faster settlement.


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