Deceptive Behavior Symptoms

Significant Non-Verbal Utterances
– Whew
– Tsk
– Sigh
– Nervous Laugh

Motivated Memory Failure
– I don’t think so
– I can’t recall
– I can’t remember
– Not that I can think of
– Not that I can remember

Personal Signatures of Guilt
– Mentions about past problem
– Admission of something inn the past they did wrong similar to this
– Communicating in the third person
– Agrees they look guilty

Religious Statements/Oths
– Honest to God
– As God as my witness
– I swear on my mother’s grave
– May my parents drop dead

Common Red Flag Expressions
– I know you think I’m lying, but
– To tell you the truth
– To be honest with you
– This is going to sound like a lie
– I’m not trying to evade the question
– Trust me

Stalling & Blocking Tactics
– Frequently asks to repeat the question
– Repeats the question before answering it
– I’ve already answered that question
– Like I told you before

Verbal Responses as Indicators of Deception
– Attempts to evade questions
– Vague answers
– Conflicting information
– Different answers to the same or similar questions
– Falsehoods or inaccurate information

General Types of Deceptive Responses
– Qualifies answers
– Calms quickly after demonstration of anger
– Needs time to think of the “best” answer
– Seeks more information from you about what you know